December 13, 2016
Songs to Study To...

Songs to Study To…

Students often study to music, and music majors really study to music. So I went around and asked people in the department what their favorite song […]
December 6, 2016

It’s Okay To Not Know

Going to a Christian College you have probably heard at one time or another that someone “heard God’s calling,” or “heard God speak to them.” I […]
December 5, 2016

Lets talk about juries…

Juries are what every music major has to go through. They are our final for our lessons. So for every lesson someone takes, they have to […]
November 9, 2016

Do It All

Do you ever feel like you have to do it all? Cause I do all the time. In the moment you think you have time to get […]
October 19, 2016

It’s The Little Things In Life…

In the stressful moments in life, like midterms and registration, I’ve found that it’s helpful to stop looking at what is going wrong and start looking […]
September 8, 2016

Homesick- Round 2

Coming into my Sophmore year at Roberts I didn’t think I would get homesick. I assumed that I was mainly homesick last year because it was […]
May 9, 2016

Warmer Winters ahead for Dr. Dwyer

Students all across campus are sleep deprived and saddened this week. Finals week is upon us and the library is the hotspot on campus, but students […]
April 1, 2016

Reflection on Dorm Life

Disclaimer: This is based off my own personal experiences. Not everyone’s experiences will be the same. My time on campus has been short, but I dare […]
February 4, 2016

Thoughts on My Final Semester

As I was walking across campus the other night, I found myself looking around and really taking things in. I saw flashbacks from the past four […]
January 26, 2016

God is Good

I just want to take the time to share with you how truly blessed we are. Over the past week I’ve been faced with a few […]