The Switching of the Major

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January 31, 2017
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February 1, 2017
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The Switching of the Major

The Switching of the Major

Although I have not changed my own major throughout college, I have realized how common the process is.

It is very common to meet students who have changed their major. Perhaps it was in the first few weeks of freshmen year or even two or more years down the road. Maybe it even changed more than once.

At both institutions I have attended this has been the case. Both times it has also seemed that the challenging and prominent majors (Atmospheric Science at Lyndon State and Nursing at Roberts) account for many of students switching out.

The advice I would offer is there is certainly nothing wrong with changing your major. It is perfectly reasonable for a 18, 19, or 20 year old student to not know exactly what he/she wants to do for the rest of life, or to change his/her mind.

“Sticking it out” in a program one does not excel in or enjoy is not just for 4 years, it may be for 50 years, so take the decision seriously. A student should reasonably enjoy the content within his/her major and be somewhat gifted in the subject area.

 While there certainly is nothing wrong with the switch, I would advise against making a hasty decision or making a decision for poor reasons.

                ‘It is harder or more work than I was expecting.’

                ‘Major X looks a lot easier’.

                ‘My friends in Major Y have a lot more time for video games’.

None of those seem to classify as good justifications in my book.

Make a slow and well-thought out decision. Meet with faculty/advisors in both programs. Take advantage of academic opportunities along the way (professors’ office hours, learning center, group study, etc) pray about it, then make a decision.

Lots of successful students have made a switch, as long as there does not seem to be a remedy in the current program and it is done in a well-thought-out manner, it has the potential to be a great move for your academic career.

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